Our Story

Valuables on Video LLC is a family owned and operated business that was started in 2009. Jim Reinke founded the company based on unfortunate personal events and professional experiences as an insurance agent for 12 years. The need for asset inventories is a vital part of any insurance and estate plan which most of us have overlooked, put off for another day, or have the time to complete. Jim holds degrees in Police Science from WCTC, Bachelor Degree in Finance and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Valuables on Video LLC is committed to providing unparalleled service to its customers by documenting all that is deemed valuable or important to our clients. Our purpose is to help with the re-creation and protection of our clients assets. We will exceed all expectations with quality products and services as we remain focused and mindful to our client’s needs. The organization will maintain a positive, successful, and diverse work environment while simultaneously being socially responsible to those in our community and the environment.

Our Approach

We believe that all of our clients deserve to be treated in the same fashion as we would want to be in any business transaction. We do not promote or perform any high pressure or pushy sales tactics to any of our current or potential customers. Our professionals will work hard every day to ensure that your expectations are fulfilled and satisfied. We hold everyone affiliated with the organization accountable to provide quality products to and for our clients. We are committed to being as eco-friendly as we possible without sacrificing quality to our products. We make every effort to use recycled products and limit our use of paper in our daily operations. Our organization has designed its business practices to be primarily paperless using technology to its fullest capacity in order to maintain our effectiveness and efficiencies. It is important for our organization to give back to the community we work and live in. We donate both our time and finances to organizations such as the United Way and Make a Wish foundation.

Message From the President

About Valuables on Video LLC, Home Inventory Company

Our Fans

“Extremely the best value for the proof of ownership of your valuables. Jim provides very detailed documentation with a great looking binder & updateable CD. He utilizes very high tech equipment at an affordable price. We have worked with Jim several times now and have been very pleased with his service. If I had to sum it up, Personal caring service with what’s best for you! “ Jim Gesell – Oconomowoc, WI

“Recently, I had my work trailer broken into and all pneumatic tools along with my power tools inside of it were stolen. This left me a really unsettling feeling in my stomach about all that was taken. I then remembered that Valuables on Video documented and inventoried everything for me earlier in the year and I was quickly relieved. I called Jim and explained that I needed two additional sets of the inventory materials for the police and my insurance agent. Within a few hours I had what I requested and I was able to start replenishing what I lost. We have used their services on other occasions and highly recommend them to anyone. “ Kent Coddington – Delafield, WI

“Your service is a great idea for a Property Manager to set a precedent for tenants with regards to expectations of cleanliness and to record excessive damage exceeding normal wear and tear of their rental units.” Janice G. – Milwaukee, WI

“I was impressed with the level of detail your service provides for the price. I now know that if something were to happen to my home, I wouldn’t have to make a list of what I owned. That is a huge relief and a weight off my mind! I highly recommend that everyone use your services and believe me I will tell everyone!” Becky Z. – Madison, WI

What would have taken me 6 months to do; you and your crew did in 3 days. What an awesome job by a crew of real professionals. Ken B. – Los Angeles, CA

About Valuables on Video, Home Inventory Company

About Valuables on Video, Home Inventory Company