officeA business inventory is very important for your business. We work hard every day to build our businesses and earn a living. In this process, we accumulate many items that help us to operate efficiently and effectively. We need to protect and account for everything we have above and beyond our normal inventory reports. A business inventory of the operational assets will add extra protection and credence to all you own in your organization.

Our professionals work with you to insure you have everything you own is accurate in your business inventory. And believe us when we say that there is nothing more an important than an accurate list of your items should a claim arise. Fortunately, we have performed numerous business inventory services where the clients needed to use the lists we created. It shortened the claims process and helped the companies get back on track in no time. The insurance agents and claims professionals loved them too. Call us for you free estimate at 262-527-4857 today.

Some reasons you need to do an inventory are:

  • Verifying business insurance coverage – Lists will help you value of all of your business contents.
  • Details of all business assets – In addition to depreciation schedules, you’ll have the information you need, if you need it.
  • Proof of value – A Must for getting loans or lines of credit and business valuation planning.
  • Moving – Inventory your assets before you relocate! Items are all too often misplaced or damaged.
  • Storage – Thefts or floods happen frequently in storage units.
  • Sale or purchase of a business – Creates a complete picture of the value of total assets.
  • Proof of uninsured losses – Protects yourself in the event the IRS asks you to prove a loss.
  • Peace of mind – Vital for all business owners!

In addition to a standard business inventory, we document your companies operational procedures. Nothing is more important than the safety of the people that work for you. These videos allow for greater productivity, easier training, they help keep the employee’s safe which ultimately saves your company money.