Frequently Asked Questions


What is home inventory?

A home inventory is a detailed list of the personal property located at your home or business. It also includes property that you have stored elsewhere, possibly in a storage area or garage on the premises. An important part of maintaining control of your home ownership is having an inventory of all items in and around your home. For estate and financial planning purposes, a complete home inventory gives you a complete picture of your personal property. Insurance companies require information about your personal property to justify the amount you claim in the event of an insurance loss due to flood, fire, theft or natural disaster.

Why do I need a home inventory?

A home inventory will help to ensure that you receive the proper settlement from your insurance company at the time of a claim. The digital photographs will also assist the police department in identifying your property in case of theft or a natural disaster. Also having a record of your possessions can help in estate planning with your attorney or financial advisor. A living will on video can be a great way to help eliminate unwanted and bitter possession battles over items in our estate once we are gone. And unfortunately, divorce and separations are on the rise in our society. A complete video account of household items and/or assets can be beneficial for both parties when it comes to the asset verification and division process in legal proceedings.

Why can’t I do this myself?

With day-to-day family and business responsibilities, we just don’t have the time that we would like. Every day you are either reading in the newspaper or hearing on the news about major flooding, wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and not to mention burglary – why wait until you may have time. Our professionals will save you time and offer a level or protection for your assets insurance professionals for years have been telling us to have.

How will you help me at the time of a claim?

With your signed authorization we can provide a copy of the written and photographic record of your property to your insurance carrier or police for their files.

Do you provide appraisals and insurance estimates?

No. We are not certified appraisers or insurance agents so we cannot provide you with estimates or appraisals. Any monetary figures documented will be provided by the property owner only.

What do we do with the inventory data?

At the completion of our service, we hand over the DVD and inventory packet and the information is erased from our files. We recommend that you store this file in a safe deposit box at your local financial institution or in a fireproof, secured safe along with your other valuable documents. We can keep a completely secured copy for you as well at your request.

How will you document my personal property?

We will document description, make, model, serial number (only if provided by homeowner or business owner) and any other information to better identify your property on video. In addition, we will video record the exterior of your home or business and take digital photographs of all non-standard items if requested. Larger or specialized items can be formally documented on paper as an added level of protection.

How long will it take?

An average inventory takes approximately 3 hours to complete provided there are no special collections or requests. Of course, times will vary based on the amount of documentation we perform and the size of the home. That is why we offer free, no obligation estimates so you have a better idea of the true cost versus a blanket dollar amount!

How much will it cost?

Price varies depending on the size of your home or business and the extent of your personal property, collections and valuables to document. That’s why we offer the free estimates. Call us to schedule a consultation. We will do whatever we can to be sure you get a quality product and service at a very fair price. That is our promise to you!