your homeA home inventory is vital when it comes to filing a claim with your insurance company.

Our homes will most likely be the largest single item that we own in our lives and we work hard to maintain its value and fill it with all the things that make us feel at home every day. But what happens if the unthinkable happens and it disappears due to an unfortunate and untimely event. Could you account for all that was lost? In most cases the answer is NO!

We offer affordable solutions to the uncomfortable thought of losing all we own and not being able to prove it when it comes to claim time. The insurance companies for years have been preaching about the importance of a home inventory of our assets and most of us never listened! And then something unfortunate happens and it is too late! Don’t be one of these people. Our home inventory services are far more affordable than you think and being a third party offers credibility to any claim ever made. A picture may speak a thousand words but a video could replace thousands of dollars! We know because it happened to the president of our company!

In 2007, the city he lived in had a 100 year flood and he fell victim. Of course, the house wasn’t in a flood zone so the need for insurance wasn’t needed. After the flood hit and destroyed his basement; FEMA came in as part of the recovery efforts to offer financial assistance. While the subsidy was gracious and much needed for the repairs; it could have been more if he was able to prove ownership or items lost. The total he missed out on from insurance and FEMA was $1485.00. The approximated cost for his documentation would have been approximately $125.00 for the entire house! Are your valuables worth this investment?

Disaster preparedness isn’t the only reason you need a list of your belongings. You will also benefit from this information for:

  • Verifying sufficient insurance coverage – A Home Inventory will help value of all of your contents and identify items that could exceed the limits of coverage on homeowners insurance policy.
  • Estate planning Planning for how our estates are to be handled after we are gone is vital today. A home inventory is part of this planning.
  • Estate settlement – The time and stress can be alleviated for executors by using the services of an inventory company.
  • Pre-nuptial agreements helps prove value of each person’s assets before the households are combined. It also gives the adult children a sense of security with regard to their inheritance because the belongings are documented prior to the wedding.
  • Divorce –Inventories are mandatory and help provide a proper split of assets.
  • Moving – items are all too often misplaced or damaged; you’ll have proof with your home inventory documents.
  • Storage Facilities Lots of things can happen in storage facilities including theft and flood. You’ll need an inventory to prove loss.
  • Peace of mind – the most important reason for ANY homeowner!