Insurance Claims Inventory



Unfortunately, bad things happen everyday to people just like yourselves. Disasters such as tornados, floods, fires and many others strike without warning and leave us devastated. After these events happen, the insurance claims process begins and so does the clean up. Which includes an post disaster insurance claims inventory of the site.

Insurance adjusters call upon clean up and restoration crews to come and help get the process started. However, many things may still left in the home that are salvageable which is why a post disaster insurance claims inventory is vital. Some restoration companies will do the post disaster insurance claims inventory themselves. Which in some insurance professionals eyes is viewed upon as a conflict of interest. As well as the people who are having their items inventoried. That isn’t to say that these companies are unethical in anyway. Its just that it isn’t always the best idea to have the same people doing two different jobs.

home damage

That’s why Valuables on Video has created the Catastrophic and Emergency Response Teams (CERT). We serve as a neutral third party to the clean up process and perform the post disaster insurance inventory for you! We create video and photographic accounts of the disaster scene for you and the insurance adjusters. We perform post disaster insurance claims inventory for the entire state if Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Upper Michigan. Valuables on Video has a 24/7 CERT representative available to take yours or the insurance adjusters call for a post disaster insurance claims inventory. Our crews will respond as quickly as possible to begin the process for you. We also have packaging services available to protect what remains for you.

Trust Wisconsin’s Largest Asset Inventory company to help in your or someone you knows time of need. Call 262-527-4857 and dial Extension 102 to contact a CERT representative if a disaster occurs! Remember, the time to do an inventory of your assets, isn’t after the disaster happens.

But if something does happen, we are here for you!