Special And Legal

Having an inventory of your special collections and completing estate inventories is a must! Whether you restore or collect classic cars, stamps, coins, antiques, guns, war memorabilia, or sporting goods; we document them! Many of these items cost hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. So, documenting special items not only attests to any approximated value, but solidifies the items existence and your ownership of the item. Estate Attorneys require itemized estate inventory in order to close out our lives. We can help by quickly completing estate inventories for families who just lost their loved ones.

We work extensively with the estate attorneys and financial planners in Wisconsin to help their clients create itemized inventories. We also work with trust administrators for services of estate inventories after death. We also can document final wishes, wills, copyright documentation, legal disputes, elder care planning, and other special requests.

Divorce Attorneys in Wisconsin also call upon us to help their clients with creating itemized asset inventories to be used in their divorce cases. These lists are mandatory in the divorce process and we act as neutral third party to the case. If you or someone you know is in or will be going through a divorce; have them do an inventory. Many times, items grow legs and walk away as the process begins. Call us today, we can help!