Spring is Coming….Maybe?

Flooded BasementOur winter here in Wisconsin and across the whole nation has been tremendously brutal. We have had record cold temperatures and the snow sure has piled up. With six weeks left of winter (Thanks Phil), we need to start thinking about preparing for spring. And with spring comes basement flooding. Warming temperatures that thaw the snow combined with the threat of rain; increases the chance that flooding could occur. There are some things we can do as homeowners to protect ourselves.

First, be sure that all your downspouts are connected and free of any clogs to divert water. Many homeowners overlook this simple and easy preventative measure. Leaves and debris can completely plug our downspouts and force the water over the edges of our gutters towards the foundation. Next, be sure that the downspouts are connected and pointed far enough away from the home foundations. We want to get any water as far away from the homes foundation as possible. Third, be sure that the grade next to the house is at a proper height and pitch away from the house. This will also help to keep water away from the foundation. Fourth, be sure that your sump pump is working properly. This is one of the things we forget about and it is so simple to check. Last, contact your insurance agent to see if your policy protects you from any type of flooding or sewer back up. Many of these coverages are very simple to add to your policy and extremely affordable. Don’t assume you have it and make the call!

If your basement is notorious for getting some water in it, put your valuables in a higher spot and away from where the water historically shows up. Make list of the important items in your home or business as well in case damage occurs and a claim is needed to be filed. It will help tremendously!

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Jim Reinke MBA

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